Monday, September 19, 2011

Elderly Recreational Centre

The Elderly Recreational Centre at Clementi plans to target at the well-being of the Elderly in that area, mainly catering to improve their mental and physical health with sport, educational and recreational facilities.

The exterior of the current old SST Building would remain, except with a concept and design of overlapping rectangles, where exterior rectangles added overlaps with the windows. Changes would be made to the interior of the design. Some classrooms would be merged for more freedom of space and movement during educational lessons, while some would be demolished to make way for a second hall for sports activities. For the well-being and safety of the Elderly, slip-free strips would be implemented on the floor of the hall, as well as the stairs and other possible slippery areas. Other implementations for the safety and convenience of the Elderly would also be put in place, such as handrails in the bathroom, easily-accessible lifts and larger door sizes.

Relax areas are also available for the Elderly’s usage, where they can have a peaceful environment for socialising with others, or even expanding their knowledge through reading materials or the computer. In addition, Elderly can get fresh air and take relaxing walks around the mini park and walkways located at the field.


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