Monday, August 22, 2011

Group Discussion (Done by Iskandar, Niloy, Jin Hao and Yan Jin)

Unique Building Designs

Interlace Apartment (Condo Singapore):
-Uniqueness: Building stacked on top of each other: Less land space is needed to build this apartment
-Not in a regular form; Messy
-Looks like their chained to each other
-Incorporates nature into design such that it fits with design

-designed like a UFO
-unique because we don’t see it often/around
-fantasy concept (UFO)
-Located on grass as most UFOs are perceived to land there
-Save space: stacked on top of each other

Dubai Rotating Building:
-Each level can be rotated slowly: So the people living in it will not feel the movement
-Looks different when each level rotates (Design and shape of building changes)
-Looking at different sceneries everyday: Makes everyday more interesting as you do not know where your house will face

Snail House:
-Inspired by nature; Make people feel closer and emotionally connected with the design
-Located on nature near the beach: So people can be reminded and make connections with a snail and a beach

Colours affecting look and feel of building

Building during Christmas

-Christmas festival to describe the happy mood
-Bright and light colours (Green, pink, blue, yellow, etc)

Dark building: Sad and unhappy mood
Bright building: Happy mood
Lighter colours: Hot places
Darker colours: Cooler places

Youth Recreational Centre
-White colours in the background, to calm them down and give them a relaxed mood and feeling
-Contrasting colours to make them feel different, attention-grabbing
-Blending colours to make them feel soothing and have a smooth feeling

Lights affecting Architectural Design

Dim lights: To give the calm, romantic, soothing mood

Bright lights: Make them feel happy, active

Lights to blend in with the surrounding:
Example in a concert hall, where it is dark, bright lights, to make people feel more active

Light as patterns (ION Orchard Singapore)

Texture affecting Architectural Design

Smooth texture is attractive and eye-catching (ION Orchard)
Rough texture to create suspense (Like in haunted houses and scary areas), Messy, different


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