Monday, July 4, 2011

What makes a good Architectural Design?

1. Red Dot Design Museum, Germany
This museum architecture is in the Bauhaus style, designed by the same person who made the boiler house there. The place can be used for private and corporate presentations, exhibitions on design and topical subjects, and congresses and representative receptions. The unique point of this museum is the merging and blending on old pipework, fittings and steel staircases with new architecture in glass and concrete, into a stage for businesses, politics and culture.

Comments: Multi-function building; adaptable (places in the museum can be used for different functions)

2. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

This museum’s architectural challenge was extending the museum shop and must live up to the reputation of the museum itself. The final architectural conclusion is an environmental design,  which integrates the shop into the current museum, and keeping the shop’s architectural uniqueness. The shop has clear lines with balanced contrasts in black and white, as well as dark natural stones, dark shelves and while sculptural appearances. It also combines natural and artificial light sources, making displays look warmly illuminated.

Comments: Different use group and functions (Visited by the young, old and art lovers); not very adaptable (Museum shop cannot be used for other purposes without converting/changing the design; Surrounded by buildings

3. Chijmes, Singapore

CHIJMES was originally a catholic convent, and is now converted to an art gallery, commercial purposes like dining, shopping, entertainment centres, restaurants, shops and a function hall. Its architectural distinct is containing groups of buildings of different styles and periods for aesthetics purposes. It also has detailed works like plasterworks, wall frescoes and stained glass panels, and picturesque landscape of cobblestone floors, fountains and shady trees.

Comments: Place with different functions and age group; Surrounded by buildings, worship places and restaurants; Building is distinct compared to buildings around it, due to its architectural design and tip of the building;

4. Marina Barrage, Singapore

Marina Barrage is used to create a freshwater reservoir, flood control, and recreational activities, like flying kites, sailing, canoeing and dragonboating. The building has a “number nine” shape, which is associated with traditional chinese beliefs, and designed and built on green principles, like green roof to lower indoor temperatures and solar panels.

Comments: Used for many different purposes and for all ages; Unique design that is easily recognisable

Criteria: A good architectural design should be:
-durable: Firm structure that can remain in good condition
-Useful and function well
-Aesthetically appealing
-Satisfying the needs of the building

Buildings/designs that fits the criteria are well-liked and famous to the public, has special features/designs that other buildings do not, and has a specific need to address (Example recreational, artistic or religious purposes).


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