Monday, September 19, 2011

Elderly Recreational Centre

The Elderly Recreational Centre at Clementi plans to target at the well-being of the Elderly in that area, mainly catering to improve their mental and physical health with sport, educational and recreational facilities.

The exterior of the current old SST Building would remain, except with a concept and design of overlapping rectangles, where exterior rectangles added overlaps with the windows. Changes would be made to the interior of the design. Some classrooms would be merged for more freedom of space and movement during educational lessons, while some would be demolished to make way for a second hall for sports activities. For the well-being and safety of the Elderly, slip-free strips would be implemented on the floor of the hall, as well as the stairs and other possible slippery areas. Other implementations for the safety and convenience of the Elderly would also be put in place, such as handrails in the bathroom, easily-accessible lifts and larger door sizes.

Relax areas are also available for the Elderly’s usage, where they can have a peaceful environment for socialising with others, or even expanding their knowledge through reading materials or the computer. In addition, Elderly can get fresh air and take relaxing walks around the mini park and walkways located at the field.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Group Discussion (Done by Iskandar, Niloy, Jin Hao and Yan Jin)

Unique Building Designs

Interlace Apartment (Condo Singapore):
-Uniqueness: Building stacked on top of each other: Less land space is needed to build this apartment
-Not in a regular form; Messy
-Looks like their chained to each other
-Incorporates nature into design such that it fits with design

-designed like a UFO
-unique because we don’t see it often/around
-fantasy concept (UFO)
-Located on grass as most UFOs are perceived to land there
-Save space: stacked on top of each other

Dubai Rotating Building:
-Each level can be rotated slowly: So the people living in it will not feel the movement
-Looks different when each level rotates (Design and shape of building changes)
-Looking at different sceneries everyday: Makes everyday more interesting as you do not know where your house will face

Snail House:
-Inspired by nature; Make people feel closer and emotionally connected with the design
-Located on nature near the beach: So people can be reminded and make connections with a snail and a beach

Colours affecting look and feel of building

Building during Christmas

-Christmas festival to describe the happy mood
-Bright and light colours (Green, pink, blue, yellow, etc)

Dark building: Sad and unhappy mood
Bright building: Happy mood
Lighter colours: Hot places
Darker colours: Cooler places

Youth Recreational Centre
-White colours in the background, to calm them down and give them a relaxed mood and feeling
-Contrasting colours to make them feel different, attention-grabbing
-Blending colours to make them feel soothing and have a smooth feeling

Lights affecting Architectural Design

Dim lights: To give the calm, romantic, soothing mood

Bright lights: Make them feel happy, active

Lights to blend in with the surrounding:
Example in a concert hall, where it is dark, bright lights, to make people feel more active

Light as patterns (ION Orchard Singapore)

Texture affecting Architectural Design

Smooth texture is attractive and eye-catching (ION Orchard)
Rough texture to create suspense (Like in haunted houses and scary areas), Messy, different

Monday, July 4, 2011

What makes a good Architectural Design?

1. Red Dot Design Museum, Germany
This museum architecture is in the Bauhaus style, designed by the same person who made the boiler house there. The place can be used for private and corporate presentations, exhibitions on design and topical subjects, and congresses and representative receptions. The unique point of this museum is the merging and blending on old pipework, fittings and steel staircases with new architecture in glass and concrete, into a stage for businesses, politics and culture.

Comments: Multi-function building; adaptable (places in the museum can be used for different functions)

2. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

This museum’s architectural challenge was extending the museum shop and must live up to the reputation of the museum itself. The final architectural conclusion is an environmental design,  which integrates the shop into the current museum, and keeping the shop’s architectural uniqueness. The shop has clear lines with balanced contrasts in black and white, as well as dark natural stones, dark shelves and while sculptural appearances. It also combines natural and artificial light sources, making displays look warmly illuminated.

Comments: Different use group and functions (Visited by the young, old and art lovers); not very adaptable (Museum shop cannot be used for other purposes without converting/changing the design; Surrounded by buildings

3. Chijmes, Singapore

CHIJMES was originally a catholic convent, and is now converted to an art gallery, commercial purposes like dining, shopping, entertainment centres, restaurants, shops and a function hall. Its architectural distinct is containing groups of buildings of different styles and periods for aesthetics purposes. It also has detailed works like plasterworks, wall frescoes and stained glass panels, and picturesque landscape of cobblestone floors, fountains and shady trees.

Comments: Place with different functions and age group; Surrounded by buildings, worship places and restaurants; Building is distinct compared to buildings around it, due to its architectural design and tip of the building;

4. Marina Barrage, Singapore

Marina Barrage is used to create a freshwater reservoir, flood control, and recreational activities, like flying kites, sailing, canoeing and dragonboating. The building has a “number nine” shape, which is associated with traditional chinese beliefs, and designed and built on green principles, like green roof to lower indoor temperatures and solar panels.

Comments: Used for many different purposes and for all ages; Unique design that is easily recognisable

Criteria: A good architectural design should be:
-durable: Firm structure that can remain in good condition
-Useful and function well
-Aesthetically appealing
-Satisfying the needs of the building

Buildings/designs that fits the criteria are well-liked and famous to the public, has special features/designs that other buildings do not, and has a specific need to address (Example recreational, artistic or religious purposes).

Monday, June 27, 2011

What is Architectural Design?

1. Concept that focuses on the components or elements of a structure or system and unifies them into a coherent and functional whole, according to a particular approach in achieving the objectives(s) under the given constraints or limitations. (

2. Problem solving that adds value, for example to the society. (

3. Involves the design of buildings or urban landscapeas opposed to the construction documents and management required to construct it. (